Who you callin Wikked, woman?

October 2016 note:  I have not changed these pictures since I first started this blog, because they are so iconic of when I started it!  Taylor is now 21, Camryn- almost 17, Lauryn-14, Autumn-6.  Oh how times flies.

No my daughters are not "wikked"...ok well, maybe that's debatable on some days! haha

The title of this blog about the Blanchard girls was inspired by one of me and Todd's favorite songs by Esthero, a live video of which is included for your viewing pleasure! (We always joke that if the girls have their own band one day, the name of the band will be "Wikked Lil Grrrls".)

Here's the line up of the wikked beauty in our house:

Taylor  Michelle  Blanchard

-will be 16 in May
-Sophomore at North Cobb HS
-Plays clarinet in wind symphony
-on North Cobb JV Lacrosse team
-allusive to the camera so whatever pics I get of her, enjoy em!

Camryn  Quinn  Blanchard

-11 years old (November baby)
-5th grade at Big Shanty
-wants to play Melodics/Bells next year in band
-is an aspiring author
-loves to read
-can play video games for hours on end
-wants to be in track/running club

Lauryn  Ashley  Blanchard

-8 years old (October baby)
-2nd grade at K.E.S.
-loves to read, watch movies, and especially loves ICarly :)
-loves to laugh and make others laugh
-a BIG help with her baby sister!

Autumn  Ivy  Blanchard

-will turn 1 in May
-our little North Carolina 'apple'
-loves her big sisters
-growing so fast everyday!

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  1. I love this idea, Patty. In between Maw Janice's trip to visit the Blammit Family, I'll be updated on everything since the girls are usually so busy with their friends, school activities, and helping their Mom with housework!