Wednesday, March 30, 2016

"Cures What Ails Yah" Chicken Soup

Ahhhhh... When cold season, or allergy season, or flu season,
or any of the "stuffy nose, achy joints, feel like crap" seasons hit...
This is my go-to soup.
Also, after long runs where I know I will be sore, due to the anti-inflammatory properties.

NOW.. If I could only get one of my dear daughters to make it for me..
ah, with time.. let's hope.

NOTE:  The broth of this soup is from this recipe:  Chicken and Corn Soup

"Cures What Ails Yah" Chicken Soup


1 whole chicken, cleaned of innards and rinsed
3 medium onions, 2 quartered and 1 diced
6 stalks celery, 3-cut into 1-2" pieces  3-diced
5 medium carrots, scraped and cut into 1-2" pieces
10 cloves garlic, diced (I like a lot of garlic!)
Fresh herbs of choice (if available)- rosemary, basil, oregano, sage, thyme, etc.
3- 32 Oz. containers of organic chicken broth or low sodium chicken broth
32 oz. water
1 medium zucchini, diced
1 medium crookneck squash, diced
1 cup chopped carrots or matchstick carrots, chopped
1 14.5 oz can mild rotel (or diced toms or fire roasted toms)
3-4 ears fresh corn, roasted in oven and kernels cut from cob OR 1 cup frozen corn
2-3 tablespoons garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste
1 bag egg noodles or other pasta of choice


1. Place rinsed chicken in large stock pot.  Pour chicken broth into the pot, and add the 32 oz. of water.  (You want to make sure and cover the chicken with liquid.)  

2. Add quarted onions, 3 celery stalks in 1-2" pieces, carrots in 1-2" pieces, some of the fresh herbs, 5 cloves of garlic.  Place on medium-high heat and simmer until white meat is just cooked through (not too much!  Don't dry out!  Maybe 15-20 minutes once the liquid comes to a boil).  

3. Remove chicken from pot.  Cut apart breasts and wings.  Place thighs and legs back in pot and cook 15 minutes more.  When cool enough to touch, remove white meat from bones.  When dark meat is cooked, remove from pot and cool and remove dark meat from bones.  Discard bones.
4.  Strain broth through a colander into another pot.  (I save the carrots and garlic from the stock and put them back into the broth.)  Strain the broth a second time through a fine mesh strainer.  Pour back into the large stock pot.

5.  Add diced chicken, additional diced onions and celery, zucchini and squash, additional chopped carrots, can of tomatoes, corn, garlic powder, other seasonings.  You could also add mushrooms, green beans, etc.

6.  While the soup is simmering to cook the added vegetables, cook your chosen pasta.  This soup is also good over cooked brown rice.

7.  Serve in deep bowls with toasted french bread or crackers.  Get Well Soon!