Friday, November 23, 2012

Synopsis of 2012, to date, for the Blanchard Family

So as I place Christmas cards in envelopes, I feel like I am cheating all of you out there on an update to our family.  Instead of typing this and enclosing it in each card, I figure hey!  Use the power of the blog and just send the address to the blog, right?

Update as written by Patty on November 23, 2012

Todd:    Todd has changed jobs a few times this year, but has seemingly found a happy place working for Northrop-Grumman doing work for the Center for Disease Control.  We are thinking that this job, being mostly remote work, will be able to transfer with him when we move back to Louisiana in Summer 2013.  (Which is possibly NEW to some of you reading this!)  Him and Guinness have been enjoying some quality time during the days, Todd working hard and Guinny Boy laying at his feet.

Patty:  I started working this August at Kennesaw Charter Science and Math Academy as the technology teacher as well as the technology specialist for the school.  I am also still in grad school; I extended my graduation date until May 2013 in order to take 2 more classes toward my certification toward Online Teaching.  I also ran my first half marathon in October (here's a link to the blog post about that experience).  Taylor and I ran a few races together so far this year, including the Peachtree Road Race in ATL, the biggest 10K in the country.  We are signed up for a 15K in January as well.

Taylor:  Taylor is halfway through her Senior year in high school, and just got accepted to LSU as well as LSU's Honor College!  She made awesome scores in her SAT in the Spring and then recently in the Fall.  She is one of the Clarinet Section leaders in North Cobb High School's Marching BandHere is a link to the only video so far on YouTube of their show this year.  She also just found out she made first chair clarinet in the school's most prestigious musical ensemble, the Wind Symphony.  Here is a video of the Wind Symphony from last year playing Rising Sun by Allen Vizzutti, playing with Allen Vizzutti at Kennesaw State.  In 6 months, she'll be graduating from high school and gearing up for her freshman year at LSU.  Keep reading the blog for updates!  (Note:  The marching band made grand champs at the festival in Asheville, NC.  The North Cobb football team is in round 3 of the playoffs... we are looking forward to another win this Friday!)

Camryn:  Camryn is in 7th grade at Awtrey Middle.  She is in her second year of band as a percussionist.  She particularly likes melodics- bells, marimba, etc.  When she is not at school, a lot of her time is spent creating all kinds of artwork.  Check the blog for updates... I will upload some pictures of her Halloween mask creation as well as the clan of dragons she has been sculpting.

Lauryn:  Lauryn is in 4th grade at Kennesaw Charter,  decision she made the week before school started.  She is doing great, making awesome grades.. she is really into her music class at school, which led to inquiring about band for next year, so she is planning to play the saxophone next year. 

Autumn:  Our little toddler  truly makes everyday interesting!  She is happy at her little preschool where she spends Mommy and Daddy's working hours, and her make-believe skills have matured extensively!  She's a very loveable creature that we can't get enough of.  Check the blog for some videos of her doing cute toddler stuff. 

We took a great family trip Labor Day weekend to Cherokee, North Carolina to one of our favorite cabins, Water Rock Retreat.  We have been super busy the last few years, what with a growing baby, three growing girls, and me in grad school.  I know I am definitely looking forward to graduating in May and having a bit of time to not worry about assignments and deadlines with school, although that always turns into other kinds of deadlines.

So keep checking back here for more videos, pictures, and blog entries to update everyone on our lives.

We hope everyone has an awesome Christmas season and a fun and joyous new year!