Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wanna Hear About My Crappy Morning?

So my morning was so eventful that it surpassed being worthy of a simple Facebook status. I feel an entire blog entry is in order here!

The start of the day went well and without a hitch, with three big girls hitting the roads to their respective schools. We had a few errands to run, so off Autumn & I went right after breakfast. Kohl's was awesome, as we found a few real awesome deals, and was offered a 30% off coupon (better than my 15%!) by the customer checking out before me. Then we headed to Petco for Guinny boy food; Autumn loved the fish- I can't wait to bring her to the aquarium!

("Patty," you say, "this isn't sounding too 'crappy'." Hang in there, I say! It gets better!)

Off we go to Wal-Mart...

So I stop for a second in the parking lot to organize some coupons, think to myself that I don't need the diaper bag cuz I will be no longer than 30 minutes, grab a cute little baby out of the seat, and hop out.... press "lock" on the doors... slam the door, and realize...
the damn keys are inside...

SECOND time in a month I lock myself out of the van
(I've never done this while driving this bus of a vehicle, btw)
to manage to do it twice in a month.. ggrrrrr...

So Todd tells me he is on his way from work to assist me
My buddy Tara says she could come get us and bring us home, but we'll just stay and take our time with shopping...

Autumn is decently good in the store.. (after eating half of the groceries I put in the cart!)... and while killing time in the jewelry, I HEAR Autumn and then I SMELL her...

recall I left the diaper bag in the van...

but no worries, I think, I'll go check out, and in the buggy are diapers and wipes and I'll take care of the problem

well of course there are only 2 checkout lanes open... so we wait and wait... again, other than upending some gift card displays at the checkout (why are those at kid level anyway???) Autumn is behaving even tho we are waiting forever.

So here it is, our turn to checkout... things are going well, I am organizing my price matches with my circulars from a few stores, getting coupons out, etc... when I look down at my sweet, well-behaving angel....

...and there she stands, one hand still in the back of her diaper, the other covered in POOP. I scramble for paper towels from the cashier, and in the process Autumn wipes her hands on my shirt, on the coupons that were still in my hand, and apparently I learned when I got home, on her face and in her hair.

All of this at the time when I am attempting to tell the cashier which circular my price match items are in....

well, we managed to keep the poop contamination to a minimum, get out of there without the cashier realizing what was going on or without her puking on us, get to the bathroom for a clean up, and just in time for Todd to pull up next to the van and unlock it for us.

So essentially, not a bad morning, but literally, CRAPPY!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Back to the Beanstalk

Lauryn had her first weekend of performances, as Molly Mouse in the Blackwell Children's Theater production of "Back to the Beanstalk".  Thanks to her friend, Ashley, who invited her to come along to a workshop in July, as Todd and I have been wanting to get the girls (those willing and wanting) involved in something like this!

At this performance, the only video camera I had access to was my phone, so the video clips are short and not the best quality, but you get the picture.
Here are a handful of "mice" videos.

Here is one of my favorites!
Lauryn (Molly) is giving a "love pep talk" to Marci Mouse, who is in love with Randy Rat. Evidentally, Mouse and Rat love is TABOO!
(the mouse at the beginning on the right is the girls' friend, Ashley)

The Butcher song! Another of my favorites. Samuel K. does an awesome job as the butcher!

Butcher talking Jack into trading the cow for the magic beans.

Randy Rat and Molly Mouse professing their love to one another. SOOO cute!

The Piper comes to town!

Cows are People Too

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bein silly with sissy

On the way home from picking Camryn up from a sleepover.
Autumn was so happy to see Cam and soooo silly!