Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Cookie Extravaganza

Autumn watchin the big sissies.. waiting for her turn.

Lauryn helping baby girl.

Camryn looks like she is about to unleash the power of the flour. :)

Tay Tay came to play, too.

She loved squeezing the icing.

Taylor's First Creation

In honor of a game of Hedbanz :)

Camryn's "tribute" to Katniss Everdeen,
main character in The Hunger Games.
I love her armor made of Sno-Caps!

Camryn's Draco Malfoy cookie.
Something about "20 lashes" with purple sprinkles,
and his 3 eyes are the "ghosts of his past"...
only Camryn :)

Taylor working on her Harry Potter cookie.

Autie was making her way around to snipe some candies from
that side of the table.

Good times...

Everyone's gone...
Autie's turn to make a "golly-mah-cha" of what's left of the goodies!


Can you say "SUGAR BUZZ"??? :)
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